Customer Service: 714.696.3030
Contact Dispatch: 714.696.3031
Contact Buyers: 714.693.5660

Operation hours 7:00 am to 3:30pm
5510 E La Palma Ave, Anaheim Ca 92807

Please show up around the time you’ve selected.
If the wait is long, it is because people did not show up at selected time. Wait time can be less than five minutes and up to thirty minutes in worst case scenarios. Once you enter lot, take your first right near the sign. If you drive in front of our building, you’ve gone too far.

Q: Can I change my day/pickup time?
A: Yes, email to change your order day/time.

Q: Can I pick up before opening or after hours of service?
A: We cannot service before or after these times, employees are either preparing boxes or have gone home.

Q: Can someone else pick up the produce box instead of the person who ordered it?
A: Yes, but you must show our employee the confirmation number on a piece of paper or phone.

Q: What is in each box?
A: The contents change daily depending on what we have available. We pick the best product we have, most of which came from the central valley yesterday.

Q: Can I buy other stuff that isn’t a produce box?
A: Unfortunately we cannot do this. Because of the Covid 19 crisis, we do not have the labor to select products for every customer. Our goal is to streamline produce to skip the grocery store if you’re already stoked up on the other items.

Q: Can I open an account any buy produce that way?
A: No, same as answer above. We can only sell that way to business accounts with very large volume.